Cute place. Maybe there are similar places that show up in NYC, however I guess I'm not in that scene in the day to day life living in the city. AM I A TOTAL WINE NEWBIE AND DID NOT KNOW PEOPLE OFFERED WINE FLIGHTS?! Sorry if I am a newbie. Forgive my ignorance HAH. The atmosphere is extremely romantic and cozy with a lot of people on first dates, second dates, I don't know - everyone just looking like they are having a good time together. The fire is really amazing to see indoors. Sorry I'm from NYC. This whole review is just me apologizing for my New Yorker mentality.

The wine flights were really amazing because I got to try a bunch of merlots at once. I do enjoy having a bunch of different flavors to explore, rather than commit to one and then end up not liking it! I was extremely nervous to knock the whole dang thing over though. The seating probably should and can be arranged a bit differently with a little higher "coffee table" next to the individual loungey chairs, so I'm not kicking the whole thing and spilling on their carpets. I really wish I could eat oysters because they looked amazing. My fav thing of the night though was the truffle honey. Yum yum yum!!!