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Iz Harris has given me a travel bug

Her recent Instagram shots

Her recent Instagram shots

So i’ve recently been super obsessed with Iz Harris’ travel videos. On my TV’s Youtube account, you’ll see all her videos suggested on my feed, because if you start with one - you’ll continue watching. It’s so easy to watch her videos and it’s almost like I’ve developed a connection with her and her family. I know it' sounds creepy, but thank you Iz for bringing me along your adventures.

I know, I know, there are a bunch of travel vloggers out there, but what makes her different? Is that she can show her travels while real life really happens. Her honesty and authenticity shines through her work. Perhaps the reason why I’ve always been so turned off by travel was that it is marketed in a way that it’s unreachable or you have to stop your life to get to those places. It was truly more of an inconvenience than anything.

You have to pack, you have to take vacation off from work, you have to plan logistics, you might not know where you’re going once you arrive. It does not sound like fun at all. However, she has a real approach in travel that she brings her full self through it all. There are even vlogs where she is in another country and she admits that she is missing life back at home. That’s the truth! I can get really homesick and miss the routine and people back at home.

Maybe for now, I can really be traveling to see things for myself and not through the lens of someone else or FOR anyone else.